Magnum P.I.

One of the true gentlemen in our business is Tom Selleck, and it was an honor to have been cast in the two-hour pilot.  There was a lot riding on it for Tom, and as you know, the show was a great success.

...and shooting on location in Hawaii was a real plus!

I must say, however, it's really hard playing opposite someone who's as handsome as Tom...I never felt I adequately measured up in that department!

 The show had a lot of humor throughout, so even though my character has just lost her brother, I tried to find a mix between grief and comedy.

The director, Roger Young, and cameraman, Woody Omens, were wonderful...and who could ask for a better producer than Don Bellasario?  I had the pleasure of working for him again in TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY, in which I played a one of my very favorite roles.

The Ferrari was terrific!  Actually, when I filmed my close-up in this scene, Tom was shooting elsewhere, so the director sat in for him and read Tom's lines for me.  When you see the scene - except for the long shot and his own close-up - Tom wasn't even in the car!

The crew was always fun to kid around with...and (below, center) is Peter Altobelli, the make-up artist with whom I also worked on BJ & the Bear.

Ah, Paradise!

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