Pamela Susan Shoop - Knight Rider
Knight Rider

The two-hour pilot was entitled "Knight of the Phoenix" and was shot in Los Angeles.  The second two-hour episode I filmed was "Knight of the Juggernaut," filmed on location in Chicago.

...from "Knight of the Phoenix"...

David Hasselhoff is a very hard worker and has a great sense of humor.  It was absolutely amazing to see the streets of Chicago lined with fans who had come to watch us shoot - just to get a glimpse of him.   David was able to take a talking car and create a relationship with it that fans adored!
(No small feat!)

...from "Knight of the Juggernaut"...

I'll never forget working with Edward Mulhare.  As a child, I'd watched him in "The Ghost & Mrs. Muir," and who didn't fall in love with that salty sea captain!  He was one of those elegant, sohpistocated gentlemen who happend to know his profession inside and out...that's what a theatre background can do for you.  There's no other training like it.

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