Pamela Susan Shoop - The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

This movie-of-the-week was shot entirely on location in Dallas...and a lot of it in Texas Stadium, itself.  It starred Jane Seymour, with five actress and forty-nine cheerleaders on the set at once.  How the director, Bruce Bilson, kept it all together, I'll never know!  But he did, and we had a blast!

We spent many hours with Texie Waterman learning  the steps to various routines done by the actual cheerleaders. For the final shots of the show, we got to go into the stadium before one of the games to do our routine so that the camera could get the crowd response.  It was really a hoot!  But those pom-poms are heavy!

I played a shy housewife from Tyler, Texas who longs for excitement and big-city life, but in the end realizes that her greatest gift is the husband (Terry Cook) who quietly supports her from the sidelines.

Jane is a lovely lady, and it always amazed me that she looked just as beautiful when she walked into the make-up room at 5:30 a.m. with a bare face as she did after two hours in the make-up chair!
Bucky Dent, Katherine Bauman, Lauren Tewes, Lorraine Stephens, Tammy Shaw and my good friend, Ellen Bry, were also in the show.

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